Engineering Support:

Our experienced engineers provide technical support and carry out strict inspection throughout production process.

In this way, we can confirm that projects are on track and questions or problems are resolved quickly. In addition,

our engineers directly support the customer throughout the lifetime of the project by:

● Meeting with the customer to assure that technical and quality requirements are understood.

● Reviewing pattern design and construction, molding design, tooling, gauging and manufacturing process with the workshop

   to guarantee that the customer's requirements are observed.

● Developing a project quality assurance program to guarantee compliance with specifications.

● Monitoring production progress and taking corrective actions when necessary to assure  production is moving forward on a

   timely basis.

● In-process and final inspection are conducted to confirm that the parts conform to the specifications.

● Non-conformance cases from root causes are analyzed, corrective action plan is made and tracked.

Our engineering support also includes the following:

● Auto-CAD/CAM, Solidwork, UG, reverse engineering and design.

● Layout for production and inspection.

● Metallurgical engineering support.

● Drawing conversion from English to Chinese.

Quality Assurance:

During production process, all of our efforts are directed to make sure that customers’ needs are completely satisfied. If the way we work is not quite fit to customers’ request, we'll make prompt adjustment accordingly. In case of any unexpected problem or special request from customers, we will take extra care to handle it quickly and efficiently.

We’ve obtained quality control systems in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949:2009. Quality control is carried out through every stage of the production process. Consistent statistical process control and process capability improvement are applied throughout entire manufacturing process. Our commitment and continuous efforts in improving product quality has enabled us to ensure consistency of product quality.


● Assessing our performance and contributing to our customers’ satisfaction.

● Creating systems and assuring quality consistency with minimal variations.

● Exploring ways to improve efficiency and increasing our value for customers with the least cost.

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